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Get Sex Room Ready!

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, M.S. on Jul 21st 2022

A place to go where no one knows. Your special getaway. A place to let your desires run free and become fulfilled. A respite from the troubles and tribulations of everyday life and society at large. A … read more

Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Posted by Julie Cinatl on Jun 23rd 2022

Let’s talk dirty today! Or, is there really anything dirty about expressing our sexual desires for another person? Or is the fact that it’s “dirty”, raunchy, and slightly taboo that makes it all the m … read more

Let's Get Aroused!

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS; Julie Cinatl (co-author) on Mar 17th 2022

Arousal. What is it? It may seem obvious to some people. Essentially, it’s a nicer way of saying horny or turned-on, right? Well, yes, but personally that still leaves me with some questions. For inst … read more

Feed Your Libido

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS on Jan 14th 2022

This is a PSA for those who’ve been left feeling anything but horny. Your heart desires it, but your body simply won’t respond! Luckily, certain everyday foods may be able to help. Often underestimate … read more

Simple Steps for Exploring Anal

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS on Nov 19th 2021

Exploring anal stimulation doesn’t have to be a scary or daunting endeavor. If done in a mindful manner, anal exploration should be comfortable and gratifying. In the year 2021 anal sex play is no lon … read more

Sweetest Day: A Reason for More Joy!

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS on Oct 14th 2021

Pick up something sweet for your sweetheart(s) this Sweetest Day!Flavored lube is a sweet, delectable, and kinky way to express our love (and lust)! It’s great for oral play. Adding your favorite flav … read more