8 Reasons Glass Toys Are Unique

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS on Sep 17th 2021

Glass sex toys are a safe and effective way to experience erotic pleasure and orgasms. They are obviously different from their plastic and silicone counterparts, but what exactly makes them so special … read more

Old People Are Horny Too!

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS on Aug 20th 2021

When you think of sex you rarely think of old people; when you think of old people you almost never think of sex... or that they’re having sex! Is it a mistake to presume those living out their last d … read more

Lube: For More Than a Dry Vagina

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, M.S. on Jun 25th 2021

Contrary to popular belief, lube is for more than just dry vaginas. Sure, it does wonders for those experiencing dryness, but I tend to think lube is for everyone and necessary for an optimal sexual e … read more

Let's Leave Self-Pleasure Stigma in the Past

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, M.S. on May 15th 2021

Self-pleasure, also known as masturbation, has been demonized for centuries. It largely began with early Christianity in the Middle Ages. Being that “the church” was the leading authority for how to l … read more

Feeding Your Senses in the Bedroom

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, MS on Apr 23rd 2021

Too often sex is approached as a means to an end. Of course, we all want that mind blowing orgasm, or if we're in a hurry, which we often are, then we’ll even settle for a mediocre finale. Although it … read more

A Hidden Gem: The Prostate

Posted by Salvatore Gallano, M.S. on Mar 30th 2021

The prostate is a gem hidden away in the backdoor of biologically born males. It's special because of its power to intensify pleasure and up an orgasm- and because of it’s near off-grid reputation. It … read more